More Iron Man 3 Details Are Slowly Emerging

This past week has seen a lot of rumors swirling around Iron Man 3, currently undergoing principal photography in Wilmington, North Carolina, under the direction of Lethal Weapon screenwriter Shane Black. It became frustratingly hard to determine which of these rumors contained any sort of truth.
iron man 3

Details surrounding this anticipated sequel (which is now even more highly anticipated in the wake of the incredible success of The Avengers) have become clearer, even if Marvel Studios isn’t saying anything.

Latino-Review has confirmed Iron Man 3 star Ben Kingsley will play Mandarin, a super villain and skilled martial artist looking to avenge himself upon the civilization that left him broke and homeless. However, Mandarin is apparently more of a behind the scenes villain here, acting as a silent partner to Aldrich Killian who is being portrayed by Guy Pearce.

Killian is the man who invents Extremis, a military nanotechnology serum used to give soldiers superhuman abilities. Based on available details online, Killian will use Mandarin’s resources in order to release Extremis.

Latino-Review also reports that William Sadler (Die Hard 2 and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey) has been cast in Iron Man 3 as well, although there is not yet any confirmation as to what role he will be playing. Jessica Chastain was also set to star, but she had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

iron man 3 cast

Meanwhile, the Geeks of Doom website confirmed James Dale Badge will be playing Eric Savin/Coldblood and Ashley Hamilton has been cast as Jack Taggert/Firepower. Both characters are superhuman soldiers who look to be aiding Killian in his nefarious plans.

Geeks of Doom also included several free photos online of James Dale Badge wearing the Iron Patriot suit. Iron Patriot is a combination of Iron Man and Captain America in terms of the suit and its colors. Originally worn by Norman Osborne from the Spider-Man and The Dark Avengers comic books, the character will need a different alter-ego — Sony Pictures currently owns the rights to Osborne through its control of the “Spider-Man” franchise.

The first Iron Man full movie was a huge blast for fans, but many of them felt underwhelmed when watching Iron Man 2 online free despite the presence of Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke as villains. But listening to the details (unconfirmed though they are) about Iron Man 3 watch online imply a lot of thought is being put into this particular full movie. With Shane Black on board as co-writer and director, audiences are sure to have plenty to look forward to when it is released in May of 2013.