Countdown to Caprica: What to Expect

As we’re only hours away from the launch of Syfy’s new series Caprica, let’s take a look at what we might expect to watch in the coming series. And to help us do that we’ve got a video blog in which the cast and producers of the show give us a little insight into the world of Caprica.

Caprica wallpaper

For those that don’t know, Caprica is a prequel to Battlestar Galactica, which will chart the rise of the Cylons and the eventual destruction of the Caprica home world.

If you’ve already watched the pilot then you may have realised that whilst the main characters have a very similar lifestyle to our own, their ideals and beliefs are at times very different. Which creates a show filled with challenging characters that are not only diverse but also very complex. Finding a sympathetic character to empathise with will be very difficult in this show, as morally speaking there seems to be no black and white, just varying shades of grey. But this helps to make the show even more compelling, as it successfully creates a strange new world that in some respects may be a glimpse at the future of our own.

If you’re eager to watch Caprica and just can’t wait till tonight you can watch online free, a full extended version is available. Take a look at the video blog below to find out more of what to expect in the show.