Caprica: Smart And Complex Modern Day Sci-Fi

With the series of Battlestar Galactica now over and some, but not all, questions answered you’d be forgiven to watch Caprica online free to fill in the blanks. You won’t find any meaningful answers here. What you will find is great potential for another, albeit different, multi-layered series that taps into our hopes and fears for future technological advances. The synopsis suggests more of what could be in the resulting series as opposed to the pilot; there’s not much in the way of action in the 90 minutes that I saw. It is fairly slow paced but interesting nonetheless.

The Story

Stoltz and Morales play two men with very different backgrounds; Graystone is the head of a company responsible for the “holo-band” that is central to the story’s dynamics and Adams is a lawyer, in keeping with the history first discussed in BSG. The two men come together as friends through a chance meeting after a terrorist bombing claims the lives of their loved ones. Graystone loses a daughter, whilst Adams loses both a wife and a daughter. Disillusioned with their society and indoctrinated by the Soldiers of One – a monotheist group at odds with the colonies belief in Gods plural – both daughters had joined a mutual friend to go off-world to practice their new found religion. The trouble is that this friend decided he’d prefer to become a suicide bomber to put his point across. We know of some fanatics like that, don’t we?

Graystone discovers that his daughter had created an avatar of herself in the virtual online world that the holoband offers. Except this is no ordinary free avatar, it has much of what made his daughter; her feelings, memories are all intact. As Graystone is working on the Cybernetic Lifeform Node (get it?) he thinks of a way he make his daughter whole again. With Adams help, he gets the processor he needs to transfer his daughter to the Cy.Lo.N

There’s more to the plot than this, but I’ll let you discover it yourself. Similar to BSG there are a number of well written characters that no doubt will flourish in an hourly format when/if a series is commissioned.

The Review

The trouble with this pilot is that it expects a lot from the viewer at first. The initial introduction to the virtual world (imagine a fully immersive Second Life and you’re on the right track) is off putting but makes sense later on as to why so much time is spent showing the kid’s use of it. Stick with it, as the plot unfolds and becomes increasingly more complex, as it should.

Eric Stoltz is ideally cast as the stoic father who is too involved with his work to notice how clever and disillusioned his daughter has become. The always watchable Esai Morales is also well cast as Lee Adama’s inspiration (although Lee might not have known about his Grandfather’s criminal affiliation). Like the adult William Adama, you can watch that his father could be just as comfortable duking it out in a bar as verbally fencing within a courtroom. Hopefully, more of his character will be explored like this in a series. Although competent as an actress, the writing doesn’t do Alessandra Torresani any favours in her role as Zoe. It doesn’t allow us to fully understand her motivations for getting into this monotheist religion although I suspect that Polly Walker’s character, Sister Clarice Willow, might have had more to do with it than what we watch online and this is another strand that must be explored.

I believe that this show will be richer for the audience after a second watching. There are many plot threads that have begun in the short 90 minutes. There are a few “fanboy” moments such as “So Say We All”, a brief glimpse of the sport “Pyramid” and an early model of the Centurion complete with a modern take on the metal mickey voice. Other references familiar to BSG fans will be the battle between religious beliefs – God Vs Gods – and the prejudice between colonies. I half expected the Colonial theme to play but this was sadly lacking. But, once again, Bear McCreary excels himself with a superb, evocative, and sometimes ethereal score that carefully underpins the emotion at the right times. I’ll admit to being a fan of his work, from the superlative scores on both BSG and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and with good reason. When you watch Caprica free online, McCreary has crafted a more intimate score that has shades of his work on the BSG episode “Daybreak”.

The joy of this series is that, given the very nature of BSG’s finale and the revelation therein, this might not necessarily be the Caprica of the BSG series. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it now.

The Verdict

It might not win any non-BSG fans and might disappoint those who want more answers on the background to the original series but Caprica its well worth watching for free at least once. I hope the series has been commissioned and will definitely tune in next year. For some, it might just be too slow paced.