Caprica wallpaper

Countdown to Caprica: What to Expect

As we’re only hours away from the launch of Syfy’s new series Caprica, let’s take a look at what we might expect to watch in the coming series. And to help us do that we’ve got a video blog in which the cast and producers of the show give us a little insight into the
iron man 3

More Iron Man 3 Details Are Slowly Emerging

This past week has seen a lot of rumors swirling around Iron Man 3, currently undergoing principal photography in Wilmington, North Carolina, under the direction of Lethal Weapon screenwriter Shane Black. It became frustratingly hard to determine which of these rumors contained any sort of truth. Details surrounding this anticipated sequel (which is now even…

The Company Men Is Relatable Movie With Exceptional Cast

What writer and director John Wells has delivered is a honest and bleak look at unemployment. It might not sound like much of a theme for a film, but he’s done a pretty good job in all areas. Although when you watch The Company Men free the story circles around three characters played by Ben…

Caprica: Smart And Complex Modern Day Sci-Fi

With the series of Battlestar Galactica now over and some, but not all, questions answered you’d be forgiven to watch Caprica online free to fill in the blanks. You won’t find any meaningful answers here. What you will find is great potential for another, albeit different, multi-layered series that taps into our hopes and fears…